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Everlasting Memorials is a small family run business and we pride ourselves on being committed to a higher standard. This higher standard applies to our team, our product and our customer service promise. Our business has been in our family since 1986. Our small team of Memorial Designer-Consultants and our Stone Mason have over 85 years of combined experience and we are pleased to share this experience as well as our knowledge, compassion and creativity. Our work can be seen in small town and big city cemeteries throughout Manitoba as well as on park trails and at heritage sites. We are honoured and pleased to serve all cultures and religions and take pride in doing so with absolute respect and attention to detail.

With the loss of a loved one come many decisions. All of these decisions are equally important but few will have as long-lasting an impact as the way you choose to honour your loved one. The burial marker you choose will mark a special place of remembrance and mourning and will endure for decades to come. Selecting a memorial is unfamiliar to most people. There are a wide range of options and making a decision may seem overwhelming. We are here to help ease the process. We are experienced memorial designers and can provide an understanding of cemetery permits, rules and regulations. Choosing a memorial for your loved one is difficult and many people prefer to choose a memorial in the comfort of their own home, and it is for this reason that our team travels all over Manitoba, providing in-home service to our clients. We are also available for free consultations and look forward to meeting you, either in the comfort of your home or at our Main Street office.

We offer the highest quality granite and bronze. We promise to provide you with a high quality product, whether it be a simple vase or a custom monument. We guarantee all of our products and look forward to serving Manitobans for generations to come.

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