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Spring Clean Your Vehicle

You've been driving your car through the rain and muck all winter. The grit has built up in the wheel wells and your kids have taken to writing WASH ME on the back window. With everything else going on, who has the time to go to the car wash? Do you really want to get out the bucket and hose when it hasn't broken 50F in months? What's so important about washing the car, anyway? It may not seem important, but keeping the outside of the car clean is about more than just looks.

Dirt and road grime build up and chip away paint when they flake off, making the vehicle more prone to rust. This is especially true in coastal areas, where salt water increases the rate of deterioration. When the body of the vehicle starts rusting away, the life of the vehicle greatly decreases.

If you park under trees, chances are birds have left droppings on your vehicle. Bird excrement is acidic and will eat through the clear coat. If left on too long, it will eat through the paint, too. If you live in an area where rainwater has been found to have elevated levels of acidic chemicals like sulfur, washing after a heavy rain is also a good idea. Of course, in Oregon, that could mean washing every-other-day, and that's overkill. Once per week or every-other-week is a good guideline, in general.

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And while it may be cute and sweet and traditional to write messages in the vehicle's grime, all those finger smudges grind dirt and grease particles into the finish, making the paint more prone to chipping. If you want to leave a message for your someone special, try leaving a note under the windshield wiper instead.

I am going to say that I got the idea for this posting talking to Lawrence at holy nativity. Thanks for that. Guess you will find inspiration in unexpected ways.


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