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Focus, Focus, Focus: The one thing you must do when marketing and selling your art.

Another area that causes an artist to fail or become stagnant when trying to sell their art is not having focus. Not being focused, on running your operation like a business and not creating art like a professional. Not doing these two things are detrimental to your art career. Lets start with the latter first. In order for you to be taken seriously, your work needs to center around one theme, subject matter, niche or technique that shows commonly throughout your body of work. When I first started participating in art festivals I had paintings of landscapes, abstraction, flowers and so. It was clearly obvious that I was a novice and not focused. In order for you to be taken seriously you need to choose a niche, theme or technique that people would like and create a body of work that is consistent throughout your work.(A body of work is 20 or more pieces of your work). A lot of gallery owners and upscale art venues look at this when considering your artwork for representation in their gallery. If you are already doing this you are on the right track.

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Choose the type of artwork you are going to create which you know will be uplifting, vibrant and professional. Have all your work similar but different whether it's through color or the techniques. For me all my work is mostly done with a palette knife with strong texture and with bold bright colors. People know it's my work a mile away.

Also be focused when accomplishing your goals. Create a to do list or action task list and follow through with doing each task on the list. It can be from designing business cards to typing up thank you cards for customers who bought paintings from you the weekend before. You want to constantly be in motion with your business that it becomes a habit. This will help you get things done in your business and move you closer to your goals. I would suggest that you try not to put too much on one list so that you won't feel too overwhelmed if you don't finish each task.


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