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We live in a "quick-fix" society. I get that. We all need instant gratification, instant results, answers now. I spend more time in some of my workouts answering questions like "what do you think of the 7-minute workout?" or "can I lose more weight if I do a cleanse?"

During one of my weigh-ins this week, a client who is down 25lbs in 2 months told me she was disappointed. She had hoped for more. MORE?!?! Right away I asked her if she watches tv shows such as Biggest Loser and Extreme Weight Loss, and of course she does. I then offered to train her 2x/day for 6 days a week, come live with her and ensure she eats the exactly the right foods at exactly the right time, but the $10k a month price tag was too high for her. So I guess she will have to struggle through her disappointment. By the way, 25 lbs in 2 months is pretty damn fantastic if you ask me.

Now I'm all for great results quickly. It sets people up for better commitment and gives us more motivation to keep working. My problem with all of the quick-fix solutions is that more often than not it will lead to a yo-yo lifestyle; lose 10 gain it back, go back at it again and again. This doesn't do people much good and can have a very negative long term effect on your body. One of my online clients told me that she overheard her husband say to someone "her trainer says it's not a diet, it's a lifestlye." SUCCESS!!! Making exercise and clean eating your lifestyle rather than a means to an end is how you are going to become the person you want to be.

I recently took a week off from working out and, to be completely honest, did not treat my body very kindly during that week (warning: campfires may lead to a night or two of excessive drinking) Upon returning to my normal lifestyle I had gained a whopping 2 lbs, and less than a week back into it that 2 lbs plus another 4 is gone, and my unbiased wife tells me I've never looked better. She also said that it is crazy that I could do that, but it is not crazy at all. Because I have made the commitment to make fitness and nutrition a lifestyle and not a crash course, I am able to relax once in a while and indulge and enjoy. But the key is you have to get there first. It comes down to the old saying "sacrifice what you want now for what you want most", and in the end, you get to have both.

I'm not saying you have to spend 2 hours at the gym everyday. Some of my hardest, most intense workouts have only lasted 12-15 minutes. But there has to be a purpose, a plan, and a long-term commitment if you want TRUE results. Anyone can lose 10 lbs in a couple weeks. Just stop eating. Done. But if you can make a plan that will lead you to long term success, you will be able to live the life you want rather than spending so much energy and time trying to find the "quick-fix".

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