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Subway tile

Subway tile got it's name thanks largely to it's usage in the New York City subway system during the early 20th century. Millions of people saw the design every day and, as a result, subway tile became a popular choice for homes and businesses all over. It inevitably fell out of style, but as style is cyclical, today, an increasing number of homeowners are revisiting this lovely tile option.

  • Kitchen

If you're looking for a wonderful tile option for your kitchen, you might want to consider the durable and cost-effective splendor of subway tile. Though subway tile has deep roots in the past, it can be easily adapted to more modern sensibilities. With all sorts of colors and patterns, you're sure to find the right kind of subway tile for your kitchen.

  • Bathroom

Subway tile typically has a glossy, clean quality to it that makes it go nicely in the bathroom setting as well. Whether you want it for the walls, counters, floor, or all three, you'll find that subway tile can give your bathroom an unusual, but elegant look.

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