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Genealogy: Family history research

A lot depends on the country involved some countries are better documented than others for all sorts of reasons including the fact that damp, neglect, poverty and warfare do nothing for the survival of records. People are sometimes very lucky, but in most cases people with families originating in the UK (for example) are doing very well if they get back to the 17th century with properly checked and documented research.

We have all seen cases where people have attached their family to one of the richer ones (whose documents tend to survive better) because the names we're the same, only to find later that the person they we're claiming as an ancestor died in infancy, or had no children. I think that most of us are aware that one has to be careful with what one finds on the web, but this caution should also be extended to published (even old) material.

Printed for private circulation, London 1855. frontis coat of arms, plus other arms in text, large folding pedigree, the whole work printed on vellum, one of 75 copies printed. (An elaborate and expensive hoax: The seven other considerable families never existed.

The man who had it published was of uncertain origin. The man who is believed to have been his grandfather was a half witted small farmer known locally in Kells as 'Laird Cowtart'. The place and castle of Coulthart never existed and the arms we're borrowed from the Essex family of Colt and others.

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